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Marine container shipping is one of the top priority directions in activities of “TERVES System”.

Owing to the close cooperation with sea lines and agents around the world, we can offer the optimum combination of price and delivery term.

Our company renders the services, including:

container delivery and collection from the consignor;

transportation to the port convenient for consignee;

processing and loading of the container at the port to an intermodal railcar or container site, for the further shipping to the consignee;

transfer of the cargo contents from the container onto another transport;

weighing, recounting and picking of goods (if required, there can be involved a certified survey agent);

storage at the port or delivery of the cargo to a customs warehouse for the further storage of the cargo;

assistance in customs processing;

return of the container to the line.

“TERVES System” Ltd works not only with the ports in Latvia, bur also in Finland, Germany, Russia (St.Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok), Lithuania, Estonia, etc.

The transportation of containers is conducted from the countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

Where required, we arrange the delivery of oversized cargoes in open top containers.


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