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Motor transportation by a separate vehicle.

To transport the most of the European cargoes company “TERVES System” offers the standard covered trucks, with the volume of 80 to 92m3 and cargo capacity by 24 tons.

For voluminous cargoes, still with relatively little weight, we can offer trucks with the increased cubic capacity from 100 to 120m3.

To transport small sized, still fragile goods (glassware and china, furniture, precision equipment,
etc.) it is better to take a separate vehicle. In this case our specialists can provide a so-called light
duty truck with the volume of 10 to 50 m3, and cargo capacity of 1100 kg to 7,5 tons.

Owing to a more privileged regime of work of such transport, it is also applied for urgent cargo

The delivery of mixed and small sized consignments (delivery “from the door to the door");

The delivery of mixed consignments requires particular professional skills of employees at a logistic

Besides the general understanding of the market situation and the ability to correctly pack the goods,
the logistician shall clearly understand the specifics of cargo and be skilled to properly schedule its
delivery without damage and delay.

The specialists of “TERVES System” possessing a long-term work experience in this area already in
advance can offer the customer an optimum method of cargo delivery. And if required, advise and
assist in solving transport and customs issues with the consigners or consignees.

We perform the delivery of mixed consignments by motor transport around the EU states, as well as
along the routes: the EU — Russia, Turkey — Russia.

“TERVES System” executes the delivery of mixed consignments by motor transport and in marine
containers all around the world.


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