Marine container shipping

kravu pārvadājumi – jūras

The most cost-efficient type of transportation.

It is applicable as for voluminous cargoes, so mixed consignments

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Motor transportation

kravu pārvadājumi – auto

The most mobile and operative type of transportation for intracontinental cargoes.

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Railroad transportation

kravu pārvadājumi - dzelzceļa

The most cost-efficient overland method of cargo transportation.

It is applicable while transporting heavy, bulk traffic and long-distance cargoes.

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Air transportation

kravu pārvadājumi - avio

The fastest method of transportation for small-sized cargoes, as well as the cargoes requiring urgent delivery.

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Multimodal transportation

kravu pārvadājumi - modālie

The optimum configuration of benefits provided by different types of transportation

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Mixed consignments

salikto kravu pārvadājumi

The most cost-efficient method of transportation of small-sized cargoes

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