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Company “TERVES System” offers any type of cargo insurance, for the goods transported:

by marine, railroad, air or road transport;

forwarded to the EU, from the EU states, as well as in transit.

While insuring cargo and estimating the insurance premium and rate, there are taken into
consideration the following factors: the value and type of cargo, type of package, the destination
and the route of forwarding (Western Europe, Eastern Europe and other states), distance, type of
transport and location of cargo transfer, intensity of transportation (a single trip or regular trips),
insured risks.

The insurance is active also during the storage and transfer of the cargo. The cargo can be insured
as in compliance with its actual value, so including the expenses on the transportation not exceeding
10 %.

Furthermore, our specialists will advise and assist in the filling in of the insurance policy of the
carrier liability (CMR insurance).